Business Insurance

Every business owner worries about the costs associated with running a business, but business insurance premiums are one cost no business owner should ever think twice about investing in. Trying to sneak by without having enough business insurance exposes your business to huge risks that could end up costing you thousands of dollars out of pocket. Accidents are not predictable, but when they happen they can potentially ruin your business financially if you don’t have the right coverage. Then not only will your business suffer, but your livelihood, your family and your employees will be at risk too. You’ve worked hard for your business, so why risk liability by not having the right business insurance policy?
F& S Insurance Services has been helping businesses in Lakewood, Littleton, Arvada and through out the Denver area with their business insurance needs. Every business is different, and so are the options when it comes to choosing your business insurance policy. We are an independent insurance agency; this gives us the advantage of working with many great providers. This allows us to shop several different companies to find the best policy for you. Each provides different levels of coverage, and our relationships allow us to get coverage for what is most important to your business and find the provider that gives you the coverage you need at the best rate possible.
When it comes to business insurance there, are many different options for coverage. Read on to find what each type provides and how they may benefit you.
Bodily injury and property damage liability is a big part of most business insurance policies. It covers you if an employee causes damage to another party’s property. It will also cover your business if another party is injured by an object in your place of business and/or employee.
Personal injury liability covers you on injuries that are not related to physical harm, but rather words. Essentially, personal injury insurance covers you when your business and/or employees are being sued for libel or slander.
Medical payments coverage covers just what it implies. It will cover your business for any medical costs that are associated with an injury that is caused by your business and/or employees. Some businesses use this insurance to pay for medical expenses to avoid going into litigation for damages since it is less time consuming and less expensive in the long run.
There are other types of specialized insurance for individual needs, so if you don’t see a policy covering a situation that you feel your company may face, contact our business insurance specialists. We’ve insured all types of business, and we can help you create a policy that will help protect you in any situation you may face.
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