Home Insurance

Your home is a huge investment, probably the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. Home insurance can help you give yourself the peace of mind to know that if something were to happen your home you will be covered. Homeowner's insurance isn’t just protecting against any damages to your home, but it will also cover you if someone gets injured on your property. F& S Insurance Services has been helping Lakewood, Littleton, and Arvada home owners protect their homes for several years. Let us help you find the perfect policy to help ensure you are fully covered without overpaying. We work with many great providers, so we can shop around to find you the best combination of coverage and price.
As previously mentioned, a homeowner's insurance policy will make sure your home is covered if it were damaged, however, it’s important to keep in mind that it doesn’t cover you against all kinds of natural disasters. Some natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes may not be covered, so it is important to add on this coverage if your area is prone to a disaster that may threaten your home. It also does not cover damage to your home if damage is caused by neglect or just general wear and tear; coverage only kicks in if something happens beyond your control.
Every home insurance policy has liability limits, which lets you know what amount will be covered in the event of an emergency. Because you choose what the liability limit is, it is very important to make an informed decision to ensure you won't be left paying thousands of dollars out of pocket for repairs. When you are thinking about what the amount should be, it is important to keep in mind the current cost it  would take to make a repair rather than just the price you originally paid to purchase your home as prices on materials and labor will rise due to inflation. Also, it is important to include enough coverage to help pay for living expenses that may occur if you are displaced from your home such as paying for a hotel and/or restaurants for example. Our experts want to help walk you through all options so that you are making the best decision for you and your family.
When something goes wrong and something needs to repaired or replaced in your home, you have two options on how you can choose to get compensated. Replacement cost will pay you out based on how much it will cost to completely replace the item. This is typically used for artwork or other items that may hold steady or go up in value over time. Because the amount paid out is typically more, having this option on your policy may result in a higher premium cost per month. The actual cash value is what you would think it would be; it gives you the current market value of the lost item in cash. For example if you have old electronics, you will only get what those items are worth today, not what they cost when you purchased them.
Anything over the coverage basic liability homeowner's insurance policies provide can also be purchased. This is known as umbrella liability coverage. This will give you extra monetary coverage in case something comes up such as lengthy and expensive court cases initiated by you or another damaged party.
Since we are an independent insurance company, we have the advantage of working with many great providers. When it comes to home insurance every company specializes in different aspects than others, so when it comes to finding you the best policy for the money, we have the advantage of being able to shop around for you. Getting you the best coverage for the price you can afford is very important to us. If you’d like to receive a free home insurance quote, just use our Home Quote tool.